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The Charter Process & Cancellations

So you’ve submitted a request. What happens now?

Once you have submitted a request on our online form, here is what you should expect. Note that the following instructions assume that you have submitted your trip at least two weeks in advance. If you have submitted your trip within our two-week deadline, your trip is not guaranteed until drivers and vehicles have been acquired (Step #3 below).

1. Review & Quote

DUT will typically review your trip information within 72 business hours and email a quote to both the requestor and budget approver email listed within. If the quote is satisfactory, you will be asked to confirm final details and provide a budget line to be charged. Groups are charged following the completion of their trip. Unless otherwise specified, your trip will be booked, guaranteed (unless your request was submitted within two weeks of your trip), and subject to our cancellation policy (at the page below) at this point.

2. Driver Search / Verification

After receiving budget line information and confirmation, DUT will advertise the trip to all eligible drivers. Once drivers have been secured, you will receive a final confirmation. If you plan to provide a Certified Driver, we will review their record and confirm their eligibility prior to quoting the trip.

3. Vehicle Procurement

If you are requesting only vehicles, your group will be assigned a vehicle approximately 24 hours prior to your trip. Certified Drivers will be able to pick up keys at least 15 minutes prior to departure, and occasionally earlier. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific vans, as vehicle availability and needs change rapidly. Requests for speciality vehicles (golf carts, tour buses, etc.) are handled on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability.

4. Day of Your Trip

All passengers should arrive at the designated departure point at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The driver will take down the names of all passengers on a digital list, and depart upon instruction of the group contact specified in your request. Drivers will have an optimal route provided to them by a dispatcher but may be directed to use an alternate route by the trip contact point. The driver will follow the itinerary as specified (see below for info on trip adjustments).

5. Trip Modification, Lateness, and Billing

We ask that any variations in the itinerary be brought to the attention of our main office as soon as possible. While we do our best to accommodate “day-of” or last-minute changes, they are highly disruptive and often denied. Out of respect to our drivers and staff, we ask that itinerary changes are kept to a minimum. Should your return time be later than the time specified in your final confirmation, DUT reserves the right to bill additional rental and driver fees. Delays on account of traffic will not be billed unless the trip contact point modified the itinerary or route in any way. Failure to depart from the destination at the quoted time will be considered a modification, and may result in additional charges.

Trip Cancellations

A large amount of labor goes into orchestrating every single chartered trip request. Therefore, we request your cooperation by keeping trip cancellations to a minimum. If your trip is weather dependent (i.e. will be cancelled due to rain, requires clear skies, etc.), you must alert us prior to the day of travel. Extreme weather resulting in a shutdown of the department will not result in any fees being billed to the trip requester.

The following fees will apply to groups cancelling reservations:

  • Cancelled 48 hours or less before the time of departure = 50% of Total Trip Cost
  • Cancelled 24 hours or less before the time of departure = 100% of Total Trip Cost

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Conferences & Large Events

Taking the stress out of NYC travel.

Ram Van has experience with events of all sizes, including:

  • Academic Conferences
  • Private Sector Conferences
  • 3,000+ visitor shuttle service
  • Multi-Day events
  • Multi-Venue events

These events often require highly specialized planning. Please contact us as soon as possible at, or by phone at (718) 817-4346. Ram Van is ready and willing to help but asks that you contact us well in advance. Events being planned during the non-academic year, such as Summer or Winter break, must be coordinated at least one month prior to the event.  Note that all events must be affiliated with the Fordham community in some manner. Payment for all travel arrangements must be arranged via Fordham University budget transfer.

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Vehicles and Services

Service to fit your needs.

Our wide variety of vehicles and services can help your group get moving. Please note that the below totals include one seat for a driver. For example, the 15 passenger van option includes 1 seat for the driver and 14 seats for passengers. All vehicles are subject to availability, and may be unavailable during large University events

Vehicle Offerings

  • 15-Passenger Van
  • 7-Passenger Minivan
  • Accessible Minivan
  • 6 or 8 Passenger Golf Cart (see “Other Service” below)
  • Accessible Golf Cart
  • Tour Buses (see “Other Service” below)

Service Offerings

Driver(s) Remain With Group

This is our default service, recommended for groups travelling around the NYC metro area for 2-12 hours. Your driver will remain parked in the area, allowing your group the ability to travel to multiple destinations or depart earlier if need be. Drivers are compensated for the entire duration of the trip.

Pick Up / Drop Off

Ideal for overnight trips, retreats, or airport service, pick up / drop off runs will transport your group to and from their destination quickly and safely. Departure times are considered fixed, and groups may be billed for delays on either end of the trip. Changes to a pick-up / drop-off time must be arranged ahead of time. Drivers are compensated for travel time.

Other Service

On campus golf cart shuttles, 50 passenger tour buses, and one-way trips may also be options available for your group. These services are typically highly specialized, and sometimes require coordinating with an outside vendor. Be sure to submit these requests well in advance! Last minute “Other” trips are often difficult to coordinate, and may be denied. For more info, please contact prior to submitting your request.

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