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Ram Van Chartered Trips

Ram Van travel on your schedule.

Ram Van offers rentals of both vehicles and drivers for members of the University community. These trips offer flexible and reliable travel options for professors, student groups, and administrative staff. With a wide range of vehicles and services to choose from, Ram Van is a perfect fit for your next event. Read on to find out more.

What type of service / vehicle should I reserve?

What is the trip request process like?

How do I request vehicles and/or drivers?

How do I plan travel for a large event or conference?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I submit my requests for vehicles or travel?

A: Using the resources above, please make sure you are familiar with the charter process. Then use this form to submit a request for drivers and/or vehicles.

Q: When should I book my travel? 

A: We require you book your travel at least 2 weeks in advance in order to guarantee vehicles and drivers. That said, you should book your travel as early as possible. Requests within the 2 week window will typically be accepted, but are subject to vehicle and driver availability.

Q: How much will a van rental / driver rental cost?

A: Costs vary depending on a variety of factors, but typically compare favorably against rates from Enterprise and other outside vendors. Driver fees will vary depending on availability of drivers and the time of your trip. Submit a request for an exact quote!

Q: Who can submit requests for van rentals?

A: Requests can be submitted by any community member, but must be approved by a Fordham budget administrator. Student clubs wishing to rent vehicles should seek assistance through OSI. All payment must be done through internal Fordham budget transfer.

Q: What kind of vehicles are available?

A: Ram Van has 15-passenger vans, 7-passenger minivans, an accessible minivan, and 6-8 seat golf carts. The availability and makeup of the fleet is subject to change as vehicles are added or retired.

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Free Passes for Club & Extracurricular Travel

Get involved. We’ll get you there.

If a club at another campus interests you and is not offered at your home campus, Ram Van can help out. Note that all requests for club passes must be submitted by the club advisor. 

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Free Passes for Class-Related Travel

Going somewhere? We can help.

Professors who require their students to travel to destinations other than class (photography lab, museum, botanical garden research, rehearsals, etc.) must submit our free pass request form completely and accurately. The earlier your request is made, the better we can help to make the trip a success! Read on for qualifications and important info.


  • In order to be guaranteed, all trip and pass requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.
  • If an entire class is traveling simultaneously, professors will be asked to charter a van for the trip. See the point below.
  • Requests for free passes may be rejected depending on class size and time of travel. This is done out of fairness to our other riders.
  • A complete roster of pass recipients must be attached to the request. This roster must include names, dates of travel, and Fordham email addresses.
  • All trips must be conducted with the approval of the relevant department head.

NOTE: Free passes are not eligible for professors’ office hours, group meetings with classmates, breaks between classes, nor travel for work in between classes. Please keep this in mind when creating your class schedule.

Access the pass request form here. Any additional questions should be sent to

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