The Rhyme and Reason: Ram Van ID Checks

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The Rhyme and Reason: Ram Van ID Checks

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An Extension of Ram Van’s “Safety First” Motto

Keeping Fordham community members safe is a Ram Van driver’s job both on and off the road.  Drivers play a crucial role in verifying the identity of each Fordham community member or visitor before granting them access to campus via our Intercampus Shuttle Service.  As all Fordham community members participate in actively creating a safe environment on campus, our drivers are tasked to actively participate in this process before allowing customers to board a university vehicle.

What to Expect

When boarding the van, you should expect the driver to ask for your Fordham ID before inviting you aboard.  All community members should accompany their guest to the van and be ready to present a valid form of identification.  In fairness to all community members, we ask that you are ready to present an ID each time you board the van, though we understand your driver may be a friend, resident, student, or teammate.  Perhaps you ride the same driver’s van every week!  We ask for your cooperation and understanding that our drivers are at work and simply doing their job.

No Fuss—Reach Out to Us!

Well, there you have it—the rhyme and reason behind Ram Van’s ID checks.  If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please email us at

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