Free Passes for Class-Related Travel

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Free Passes for Class-Related Travel

Going somewhere? We can help.

Professors who require their students to travel to destinations other than class (photography lab, museum, botanical garden research, rehearsals, etc.) must submit our free pass request form completely and accurately. The earlier your request is made, the better we can help to make the trip a success! Read on for qualifications and important info.


  • In order to be guaranteed, all trip and pass requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.
  • If an entire class is traveling simultaneously, professors will be asked to charter a van for the trip. See the point below.
  • Requests for free passes may be rejected depending on class size and time of travel. This is done out of fairness to our other riders.
  • A complete roster of pass recipients must be attached to the request. This roster must include names, dates of travel, and Fordham email addresses.
  • All trips must be conducted with the approval of the relevant department head.

NOTE: Free passes are not eligible for professors’ office hours, group meetings with classmates, breaks between classes, nor travel for work in between classes. Please keep this in mind when creating your class schedule.

Access the pass request form here. Any additional questions should be sent to



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