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Ram Van Free Pass Info

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Ram Van can get you there. Possibly for free.

Ram Van is proud to once again offer free transportation to select community members during the 2021-2022 academic year. Eligible students will receive digital passes that entitle them to round-trip travel between the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. Students must meet the criteria found here in order to be eligible. Read on to find out more!

What do you need free passes for?

Passes for travel to and from class?
Passes for a school-sponsored club or extracurricular?
Passes for an unpaid, for-credit internship?
Passes for a class trip, or other academic travel outside of class hours?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my guests or friends use my passes?

A: You may elect to use your passes for guest travel, but please keep in mind that you are only granted exactly enough passes to travel to and from class.

Q: I think I should be getting any passes / more passes. What is going on?

A: Remember that passes will not be issued until the Wednesday prior to the start of the term and are automatically issued on a weekly basis for all students whose class schedule meets our eligibility requirements.  Click on the relevant category for your travel above to review qualifications and find out how to best submit a dispute. Be warned: the automated pass system is highly accurate. Students are responsible for their own travel while their dispute is being reviewed.

Q: Can I get free passes for a professor’s office hours, meeting with classmates for a group project, or if I have a large break or work between classes?

A: Free passes are not eligible for professors’ office hours, group meetings with classmates, breaks between classes, nor travel for work in between classes. Please keep this in mind when creating your class schedule.

Q: I have a class that is listed as “TBD”, but I believe should be eligible for passes. What do I do?

A: Classes with “TBD” in either the day or location will not be eligible for digital passes. The only way to receive passes in this case is to have your professor email ramvan@fordham.edu with the date and location of the class, as well as confirmation that you are enrolled in the class.

Q: No dice! My situation doesn’t fit anything you described above. What do I do if I think I am eligible for free passes?

A: Any other special requests for passes that are not confirmed by your academic schedule must be emailed to ramvan@fordham.edu by your professor

Q: My passes were lost / stolen recently? What do I do?

A: Ram Van and the Department of University Transportation are not liable for lost or stolen passes.

Using Your Digital Pass

Using a free pass is very simple. Please see this brief video below for a demonstration:


Whitney Myles

May 26, 2016at 4:09 am

What if I live in Rose Hill housing and take classes at the Lincoln Center Campus? Would I qualify for free passes? Also, I am a graduate student that does student teaching 3 days a week, so would that also qualify for free passes?

    Mike Dugan

    May 31, 2016at 3:48 pm


    If you are living in a Fordham residence at RH, but taking courses at a different campus, you would be eligible for passes to those classes. Student teaching is not covered by Ram Van. Passes can be requested through your department (they can request a bulk purchase of Discount Books for TAs and other teaching positions).Email ramvan@fordham.edu with any questions.

Clara Gastaldi

March 6, 2019at 7:58 pm

I work 17 hours in the city at rag & bone for an unpaid internship for which I am getting credits. Could I qualify for free passes? If so, who should I contact?

    Mike Dugan

    March 12, 2019at 3:55 pm

    Hi Clara! Based on your description, it sounds as if you may be eligible for free passes. Kindly reach out to Career Services at FordhamFutures@fordham.edu, or by phone at 718-817-4350 for more information. They will provide final approval of your unpaid internship.

Liliana Mendez

January 29, 2020at 6:17 am

If I am a commuter graduate student would I still be eligible to ride the ram van?

    Jenn Godfrey

    August 26, 2020at 6:37 pm

    Hi Liliana! Sorry for the delay! Yes, you are still eligible to ride the Ram Van.

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