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Student Jobs at Ram Van

If you’re looking to get more involved on campus, make a little (or more than a little) extra money, or make some new friends, Ram Van is the perfect place to accomplish all that and more. Our student-workers love being a part of the Ram Van team, and it’s a connection that doesn’t fade after you graduate. Whether you initially come to us because of the money, resume building opportunity, or simply the desire to belong to something bigger than yourself, it doesn’t matter — you’ll achieve more than you can imagine here.

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Safety First: The Ram Van Way

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Here at Ram Van, the safety of our passengers is our primary concern. We simply don’t put unsafe vehicles or drivers out on the road, and we always appreciate feedback from passengers on our drivers’ safety performance.

Our Drivers

Before ever transporting passengers, all Ram Van drivers:

  • Have no more than 1 infraction on their driving record. We do not allow anyone behind the wheel if they have an excessive speeding infraction, DUI/DWI, reckless driving infraction or license suspension for any reason.
  • Have passed a DMV-style written test and a DMV-style road test in a Ram Van. These tests are administered by DUT administrators, trained in assessing and teaching driver safety.
  • Have undergone 15 hours of hands-on training in the van, riding and then driving the exact shuttle route that our vans travel between campuses. Their training trips are thoroughly reviewed by DUT administrators, and if not completely satisfactory, the driver is required to complete additional hands-on training.
  • Have completed a “defensive driving course” recognized by the New York State DMV and all major insurance companies.
  • Are well-trained in emergency practices, and can respond swiftly to accidents, medical situations or anything else that may crop up during a trip.

Throughout the year, we constantly assess and improve the safety by:

  • Hosting bi-annual intensive training days for continued driving safety education, where drivers get behind the wheel and receive feedback and guidance from a DUT administrator.
  • Running GPS-based reports to flag drivers who speed or harshly break/accelerate during trips.
  • Seek out and act on feedback from passengers regarding driver safety.
  • Meet with drivers to mitigate emerging safety issues, in some cases taking time to work with drivers one-on-one behind the wheel.

Our Vehicles

Fordham’s Ram Vans are constantly being replaced, maintained and upgraded. Our dedicated staff of student leaders and administrators works tirelessly to ensure that our fleet is fully operational and safe for everyone on the road.

The interiors of our vans are specially outfitted for passenger safety and comfort, meeting even the most rigorous safety standards. Tires, seatbelts, and airbags are regularly monitored. Vans are brought in for routine maintenance and are immediately pulled out of service when anything less than in perfect condition.

Help us Help you

While we work proactively to nip any safety issues in the bud, we also tremendously appreciate when members of the community bring a concern to our attention. If you notice any unsafe driving behavior, feel free to anonymously report the behavior and we’ll take steps to correct it immediately. Also email if any physical aspect of our vehicles isn’t up to snuff– this includes malfunctioning interior devices, dirty vans or anything at all.

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5 Reasons to Take the Ram Van to Rose Hill

It’s a fact: You just can’t beat the location of Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. But even though you’ll never get tired of Manhattan, you really should hop on a Ram Van and check out Rose Hill and the heart of the Bronx. The Bronx is a borough full of fantastic cultural opportunities, and some of the best happen to be next door to Fordham’s largest campus. Read on to find out 5 reasons you need to get yourself on the next Ram Van heading uptown!

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