Student Jobs at Ram Van

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Student Jobs at Ram Van

If you’re looking to get more involved on campus, make a little (or more than a little) extra money, or make some new friends, Ram Van is the perfect place to accomplish all that and more. Our student-workers love being a part of the Ram Van team, and it’s a connection that doesn’t fade after you graduate. Whether you initially come to us because of the money, resume building opportunity, or simply the desire to belong to something bigger than yourself, it doesn’t matter — you’ll achieve more than you can imagine here.

Interested students begin by filling out our driver application.

We’ll assess each interested student in the order the form was filled out, and if your schedule availability meets our needs, we’ll get in touch via email. There are a few forms to fill out, and some restrictions based on your driving record. You’ll need to pass a DMV-style multiple choice test and road test in a Ram Van, and then complete approximately 15 hours of hands on training. For a more detailed overview of training and requirements, check out our safety first post.

Once hired, you’ll be scheduled to work about 12 hours per week, driving our shuttle vans between Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. Ram Van shifts range from 2 to 6 hours at a time. Shifts are assigned on a weekly basis and a permanent for the semester- meaning, if you’re scheduled to drive a 12pm trip on Mondays, you’ll drive that shift every Monday that is a regular academic schedule. Depending on your schedule, you will work anywhere from 2-4 days per week. Pay rates range from $16/hour to $18/hour depending on the time and date of the shifts you work.

The flexibility of working at Ram Van is one of the major perks. We know you’re a busy college student juggling a million different things and we’re willing to work with you. Whether you work early in the morning (think 6am), on that day you miraculously don’t have any class, or late at night on a weekend (well past midnight), you’ll find shifts that work for you. If things come up, no worries– one of our 120 other student-workers should be able to cover your shift, no problem.

Ram Van is also a great resume builder. Internships are great, but hiring professionals also like to see real jobs that you’re compensated for – this shows that you were a reliable, professional worker that can be counted on to provide an important service. On top of that, there are limitless possibilities for our student-workers.

Whatever your interests are, there are ways for you to utilize your skills to contribute to our operation. Whether you’re crunching the numbers to assess the viability of new service or helping us with our digital marketing campaigns, take the opporunity to earn a great reference and a tangible project for your portfolio.

We’ll be posting a lot more about the experience of working at Ram Van, so if you’re not convinced, stay tuned! But if you want to start the 2019-20 school year off right, let us know you want to join our team right now!

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